Jake Gyllenhaal Fan

Check out the official movie poster of Jake Gyllenhaal’s upcoming movie “Love & Other Drugs”:


3 Comments on ““Love & Other Drugs” Official Movie Poster

  1. Bridget

    I love Jake!!! haha, im obssesed but not in a dangerous way lol.

  2. HENNY

    you are very stunning

  3. Tameson

    Like everyone else with eyes, I agree, u are very handsome. I enjoy your films because you seem to put yourself right into them, eyes can say alot. The person I think you really are is a very intellectual, forward, understanding, family orientated person who doesnt really want all of the publicity….I can picture you in a nice log cabin, huge porch, woods surrounding you and a nice creek nearby…? By the way, I guess I should add what my fav movies of yours was? Donnie Darko, thus far!!! I know you have bigger and better to come!!

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