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2 Comments on “Jake Gyllenhaal out with Reese Whiterspoon in Venice, California – August 30

  1. Heidi Anne

    Hey, You did a very great job in Being a Gay male ! I give you alot of respect!
    My son is gay why do all the nice guy’s have 2 be so good looking? and so sweet ? I Know you are not but still !!!!!! My son graudated From PCAE , in MN
    and is going in to Music & Entermainment ,Business. A very talented Young Man. Write’s His own music, Plus Is in The Process of to Screen Play’s and his own Record Label. My Mother was a Top notch model in the windy city Growing up in her Early youth, she did the first view master, even Peterpan Peanutbutter. Pllus Much more . I AM Not A huge Fan of Stars I Take care of DD / Adults 24/7 But Just wanted to tell you UR AoK! Not Obsessed Silly female Fan.

    Sincerely, HAB

  2. Heidi Anne

    NO Comment Just Being Honest? what’s that….

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