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(Video) Good Morning America

July 21st, 2015

Yesterday Jake visited Good Morning America, as part of Southpaw promotion. Watch video below and check HQ pictures added in our gallery.

Listen below the interview Jake did to Alice Levine Show in London while promoting Southpaw, that was recently released on their website:

Just found out that Southpaw (aka Jake, 50 Cent and director Antoine Fuqua) are featured in a page of current Vanity Fair issue. You will find scans now up in the gallery.

Fandango has published now the video with the Q&A made after the screening of Southpaw earlier this week (check photos). Watch it below:

Jake and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson are on cover of Vibe magazine, and you can find the promotional photoshoot added in our gallery.

The role’s not a stretch for the multi-platinum selling rapper who stars opposite A-list thespian Jake Gyllenhaal. Since the Queens native isn’t throwing fists in this flick, he left the heavy bag to his friend, Gyllenhaal, who essentially became a full-fledged professional boxer, complete with a rigorous training program he endured to truly fill the shoes of the troubled, down-on-his-luck pugilist, Billy “The Great” Hope.

Speaking of the 34-year-old Hollywood veteran, who starred in blockbusters like Brokeback Mountain (2005) and Nightcrawler (2014), Jake is punctual as well. A dip into the office with his team of four (groomer, publicists, assistants), and Gyllenhaal greets me with an easy demeanor and all-too-cool style. “I brought Gummy Bears”, he offers with a chuckle, passing his hello gift to the full set of caterers, photo/video team and 50’s crew.

After just leaving 50 about an hour earlier at a previous shoot, Gyllenhaal expresses how relaxed the current set is compared to the last. Music is pumping, everyone is upbeat and 50 is providing comedic relief at every turn. You get a sense that this was what the Southpaw set was like. A free-for-all with some work squeezed in. That work was no doubt handled by one of the best directors in the biz, Antoine Fuqua, of acclaimed cinematic works like the Denzel Washington-led Training Day (2001) and The Equalizer (2014). What Fuqua found in Gyllenhaal was an actor who is committed to the story so much that he stayed in character for much of the taping. Fuqua, allowing for riffs off script and range to let Gyllenhaal and co-stars Rachel McAdams [who plays Maureen Hope, Billy’s wife] and Forest Whitaker [Hope’s trainer] to flow in the moment, captures the tortured life of a once superstar light heavyweight champion whose life comes crashing down around him. The film seems based on the true life story of many boxers who’ve duked it out with bad press in news headlines. Don’t be surprised if you see streaks of Mike Tyson’s family and financial issues, Evander Holyfield’s physical and mental concerns — and Don King’s eerie presence in the form of 50’s thespian performance. (read more)

Watch the shoot behind-the-scene:

“Details” Magazine Scans

July 17th, 2015

Earlier this month we announced Jake was on cover of Details magazine – and you can also watch the covershoot behind-the-scenes here. Check in our gallery digital HQ scans of the issue.

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