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A Seven-Minute Car Ride With Jake Gyllenhaal To Discuss ‘Nightcrawler’

THE PLAYLIST – I first spot Jake Gyllenhaal in the lobby of the InterContinental Hotel in Toronto wearing a button-down shirt and sunglasses. I am supposed to interview him in 20 minutes about his role in “Nightcrawler,” an enthralling new genre flick about a psychotic freelance cameramen who films crime scenes for local news programs. These freelancers, or nightcrawlers—unscrupulous vampires of the night—listen to police scanners for brutal car crashes and headline-worthy crimes, then speed to the scene and film what they can. The resulting footage gets sold to local outlets for cash. The general rule of thumb: the bloodier the scene, the bigger the payout.

Unfortunately, due to the hectic nature of film festivals, my interview with Gyllenhaal about this role gets pushed back more than an hour, and I am eventually asked if I’d like to conduct the conversation in the car on the way to his next press opportunity. “Absolutely,” I reply. Any time you’re able to interview an actor outside of a sterile hotel room is a win. Plus, the car setting is fitting considering Gyllenhaal spends most of his time in “Nightcrawler” driving. I soon find myself in an elevator with the 32-year-old star and his team, heading downstairs to their SUV in the hotel garage. On our way there, Gyllenhaal strikes up a conversation.

“What’s up dude?”

“Hey, how’s it going, Jake?” I reply.

“Good. How’s your festival been?”

“Pretty good, but hectic.”

We soon get off the elevator and wait for Gyllenhaal’s black SUV to pull up. The car rolls around and Gyllenhaal’s publicists, myself and the actor all pile into the back. The car begins to drive down Front St. I take out my voice recorder, turn on the power, and start the interview. I begin by pointing out the obvious irony of where this conversation is taking place.

“In the backseat of the car, though,” he says. “We are being driven,” as opposed to his character in the film, who does all of the driving.

“And we’re not on the way to a crash site––at least I don’t think we are,” I reply.

“You never know,” Gyllenhaal says, smirking.

Sep 11, 2014

Toronto adds Jake Gyllenhaal to Best Actor free-for-all

HITFLIX – If Telluride carried over the Cannes buzz for Steve Carell and Timothy Spall while extending the Venice pop for Michael Keaton and announcing the arrival of Benedict Cumberbatch to the hugely competitive 2014 Best Actor race, Toronto has brought a new wave of serious contenders in the ever-expanding field. Eddie Redmayne, Bill Murray and Jake Gyllenhaal: welcome to the party.

(…)Finally, the dark horse: Jake Gyllenhaal. I’ve already written about how deftly Gyllenhaal gets under the skin of his creepy, ambitious character in Dan Gilroy’s “Nightcrawler.” It’s a performance worth pulling for in the race because it’s so outside the generally agreed-upon standard for “prestige” or “awards” players. Sometimes those can land just right. Terrence Howard in “Hustle & Flow,” for instance. This is an exercise in control and building atmosphere with inflection and behavior, the kind of thing, surely, Gyllenhaal’s fellow actors will appreciate. And it’s really just another in a long line of stand-out portrayals from the 33-year-old actor. It’s tight and finding room to maneuver is next to impossible, but the guy deserves to be in the conversation.

We haven’t even gotten out of the early festival frame and I already feel comfortable saying four of the five Best Actor slots may well be spoken for. Of course, this time last year we might have said the same thing about a list of contenders that included Robert Redford and Tom Hanks, so you never know how things will shake out. There’s a lot to come. Anyone looking to muscle in will no doubt need to bring their A-game, to say the least.

Sep 11, 2014

Chris Cooper Joins Jake Gyllenhaal in ‘Demolition’

Chris Cooper has just been set to star alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and Naomi Watts in Demolition, the next film by Dallas Buyers Club helmer Jean-Marc Vallee, whose new film Wild with Reese Witherspoon debuted at Toronto, reports Deadline.

Demolition focuses on a young investment banker (Gyllenhaal) who falls into an emotional disconnect after his wife dies. Deciding to tear his life apart to discover what went wrong, he becomes obsessed with the idea of destruction but eventually ends up meeting and befriending a single mother (Watts), who helps him to turn things around. She’s not your average meet-sort-of-cute, though, she’s the pot-smoking customer service operative for the vending machine company whose money-eating metal monstrosity sends Gyllenhaal into a rage.

Jake and Chris has worked together in October Sky, so will be great to see them working together again.

Sep 10, 2014

(Video) Jake Gyllenhaal at CBCRadioQ

Jake Gyllenhaal joins Jian to discuss his intense and frightening role in “Nightcrawler”, a noir thriller about an ambulance-chasing crime photographer. The Oscar-nominated actor plays Lou Bloom, a wild-eyed drifter and petty thief who becomes a freelance cameraman specializing in gruesome footage. Gyllenhaal reflects on privacy and voyeurism; shares how he got into the head of his sociopathic character; and why he’s drawn to challenging and often darker roles.

Sep 10, 2014

(Video) Vanity Fair Interview

Jake was interviewed by the amazing Vanity Fair’s Krista Smith. He chatted about his new film Nightcrawler, his sister Maggie, and the ‘idiot person’ who’s impersonating him on Twitter. Check it:

Sep 10, 2014

Jake attends ‘The Equalizer’ Premiere

Thanks to Mouza for the pictures

Sep 8, 2014
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