Jake Gyllenhal was born in Los Angeles, California in December 19th 1980. He is an American actor and movie producer that started his career working as a child actor in small or even free movies. Since childhood he admits his hobby was to watch movies all day and as son of the movie director Stephen Gyllenhaal and the screenwriter Naomi Foner, he and his sister Maggie had no trouble starting high at the movie industry.
But it was a well-known fact that he rejected several films because although his parents allowed him to participate in various casting they refused to let Jack take the play when he finally got them. Jake was raised in the swedenborgianist religion and he is a Russian and English descendant.
He studied Oriental Religious and Philosophy in New York at the Columbia University, where his mother also graduated, he studied for 1 year before deciding to drop out of school and focus more on the acting business. Gyllenhaal has repeatedly expressed his intentions on finishing his University career.

Jake’s Rejection Missed Some Good Movies

He had the chance to appear in lots of their parents movies like Dangerous Woman (along his sister Maggie), Homegrown as well as many TV shows. But it wasn’t until 1999 where he was given his first main role in October Sky,movie in which he also acted with his real life sister and helped them both to call the attention of the media toward them.
The years to come he starred in many drama films like Zodiac (2007) and Brothers (2009) earning good reputation among this category as well as multiple nominations like the Independent Spirit Award nomination.Pursuing versatility and fame later he worked in action and fantasy film like Prince of Persia in 2010, where he played the lead role.
Jake Gyllenhal also played romantic novels, comedy films and movies, earning his first Golden Globe Nomination along with the heart of many fans. Evolving to thriller movies was a huge success with Source Code in 2011 and other exiting HD movies like End of Watch in 2012 and Prisoners in 2013, also co-starring other famous actors and actresses: Hugh Jackman, Viola Davis, Terrence Howard and Maria Bello.
In his most recent works he developed an incredible acting, causing mayor impact with his role in Nightcrawler, this stark drama where he played a camera man who is trying to become famous gave him a second Golden Globe Nomination as well as a BAFTA Nomination and a SAG Award Nomination.

The Human Side Of Jake Gyllenhaal

He has also become a public activist, promoting several social and political causes.  He has made appearances in the campaign Rock the Vote where he has shown sympathy for the Democratic Party in the United State elections in 2004 visiting University stated to try to convince them to vote for the presidential candidate of that time. He also created a presidential campaign for the democratic John Kerry.
For the social agenda he was raised by a family who was consient on social problems, he had made campaigns to support the American Civil Liberties Union or ACLU. Jake has promoted various environmental tapes and films too, and he contributes every years with donation to plant trees in a Mozambique forest also because of the promotion he realized to the program Carbon Neutral Company, Future Forest. After finishing the filming of The Day After Tomorrow Jake Gyllenhaal visited the Artic to promote awareness on climate change.
In his free time he enjoys working with wood and cooking, he also meditates daily and is a dog lover.

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