When it comes to Jake Gyllenhaal’s career in the big screen we can make sure is going to have a lot to talk and debate, mostly because is one of the most intense actors of the time, but also because he gives it all on the set, resulting in every one of his movies a master piece. Although probably all his movies where equally popular we chose the ones in this list based on the audience impact, received awards, the protagonist development, as well as the ranking and profit  earned by the movie.

NightCrawler released in 2014

In the thriller film the Night Crawler Jake Gyllenhaal plays a Lou Bloom as a thief young man who lives of stealing steel, bronze and other metals in the streets. He is desperate to find a job, until he discovers by accident the life of the L.A crime journalism where he found out his passion and what he was good at.
He gathered a group of freelancer with inexpensive cameras and a police scanner to live the dangerous adventures filming car crashes, murders or crime scenes, buildings on fire and other mayhem. He overhears Nina Romina is responsible for the TV new, so he goes to see her and sell her the first footage.  As his video quality becomes better so his remunerations, so he hires Rick the homeless to help him in his adventures.
Later he leaves the position of crime photographer blurring the line between observer and participant to become the star of his own story and continues climbing his career to the point where he is decided to do anything to get the best visuals of the crime scenes.

Zodiac released in 2007

The very famous thriller from the director David Fincher include the acting not only of Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo, but also Jack Gyllenhaal who interprets a somehow nerdy cartoon artist living in San Francisco (Robert Graysmith) who becomes obsessed with an infamous serial killer and everything about his details, activities, facts and identity. When he becomes involved in the police investigation about the serial killer, he trying to act like a detective starts his pursuit of these assassin who is terrorizing the city.
Graysmith begins his investigation with little to no experience on solving crimes, but he still believes he can make it, he works in his own way by talking to reporters, eavesdropping on cops and sneaking into evidence room. His intentions were good and his persistence remarkable, but he still wasn’t close to catch the Zodiac, the case got cold and the police eventually slowed down on his investigation, but this wasn´t the case for our protagonist, his obsession just keep growing to the point where his wife couldn’t dealt with it and ended up moving out with the kids to her mother´s house.
This great movies is actually a book adaptation about the case, written by the real Robert Graysmith, this gives the actor the opportunity to develop his character with as much detail as possible, due to the amount ofknowledgeabout the actual person he is interpretation in the movie.

End of the Watch released in 2012

End of watch movie is considered one of the best police movies of the latest years, where Jake Gyllenhaal after months of hard training was able to plays the role of Taylor, who along his partner Zavala (played by Michael Peña) are police officers patrolling Los Angeles streets. They are the kind of good, honest cop, respectful on the job and loyal.
His many years of experience working together and catching criminal have got the to become great friends, and their respect for laws and prioritizing rules made them earn the respect of the local gangs.
Their duty becomes more and more dangerous as they start investigation weapons and drug money linked to a Mexican cartel and meet criminal forces greater than themselves, as they keep getting in the middle of these crime operations they also get in the middle of their hit list.
It’s refreshing to see the good will of the cops and see them as they have to deal with the worst of the job, forced to make hard decisions and questionable choices while dealing at the same time with personal issues with their girlfriend and wife, and even as their work environment guarantees more pressure than any other police officer.

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