Desperate to make a living he decides to start his solo career and turn to one last steal. He steals a bike only to pawn it only to get a camcorder with a police radio. He scans it at night and hires an assistant to help him through the night. The assistant’s only qualification is his phone with a GPS. Thus begins his journey into the L.A Crime journalism. As a night-crawler, the avenues for a good scoop of a worthy story are really few while he battles through competition and time.

Bloom soon makes his first big scoop that allows him to charge onto a veteran journalist Nina (Rene Russo) now serving as a news director. He has already outplayed Nina on a date night when he ruthlessly blackmailed her into more than just a professional relationship. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he outplays in her own game with the help of his below quality camera. His footage of a ruthless murder crime scene allows him to go by the name Video Production News.