Jake Gyllenhaal Fan

Added some candids from Jake arriving at The International Airport of Montreal, Canada on Tuesday (Feb. 16 2010)


6 Comments on “Jake at The Montreal Airport – February 16

  1. Douglas

    My name is Douglas have 17 years.
    never thought that watching a movie seek above all to try to find references to an actor
    but Jacob is exceptional!

    Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal
    you deserve everything good that life can offer
    enjoy every second and does not fall on the challenges that life resolve to put before him success always and forever
    never give up

    Jacob if you get to see this comment
    please please
    I need your help
    need friends

    I’m sorry if the comment has clerical
    because English is new to me

    wait for you friend
    you know how to find me

    by: Douglas

  2. Brandon

    OI!! Me chamo Brandon.
    queria dizer que esse site e perfeito!!
    pois fico sabendo das informações do meu ator preferido
    JAke Gyllenhaal você é o melhor !!!
    amo muito você , seus filmes são todos muito muito bom
    assisto todos, meu sonho é um dia poder falar com você
    e dizer o quanto você é um ótimo ator!
    estou torcendo por você sempre!
    você terá um futuro ainda mais brilhante!!

    !! meu inglês é muito ruim pois eu sou
    não deixem de posta mais noticias e fotos! Beijos

  3. Brandon

    Brandon Says:
    HI! My name is Brandon.
    meant that this site and perfect!
    because the information I learn from my favorite actor
    Jake Gyllenhaal you’re the best!
    love you so much, his movies are all very very good
    watch all my dream is to one day to chat with you
    and say how you’re a great actor!
    I’m rooting for you always!
    you will have an even brighter future!
    ! my English is very bad because I am
    do not forget to put more news and photos! Kisses

  4. chan

    your fans so…crazy

  5. Wasagi

    ummmmm how was the Grade last friday JAKE.. lol hahahaha

  6. Farah

    Is funny me to write this comment..:) Well, just do enjoy your talent and think positive no matter shit happen to you as a public figure dude!

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